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Mountain lodge, restaurant and Agrimusicismo Cantantonella

What is Agrimusicismo? It is a project conceived and created by Antonella Zarletti for the post-earthquake of 2016 in Montegallo where Music, Joy and the desire to be together melted in just on place. In 2017, she prematurely died in a car accident. Her boyfriend, Mario Alessandri, didn’t give up and kept going with hard work and strenght this wonderful corner of paradise nestled in the Sibillini Mountains and more precisely in Montegallo between the village of Astorara and Colleluce.

The soul of our Agrimusicismo is always the same : the authenticity of the place and of the
and people in a sensationally stunning setting. We are on the slopes of the Vettore Mountain with beautiful views that reach the Adriatic Sea to enjoy the sunrise directly from the tent. The Lodge-Restaurant will delight you with simple and seasonal dishes where part of the ingredients come directly from our garden.

Nature / Sport-Activities)

For hiking, mountain biking and naturalist Agrimusicismo Cantantonella is a true paradise.
Just 5 minutes by car from the Camping there is the small village of Interprete, a place considered a paradise for those who practice bouldering (rock climbing or rock climbing), an activity in continuous expansion, where you can find paths. different and routes for every degree of difficulty up to the extreme one. The 2001/2002 World Champion of Bouldering, Mauro Calibani, succeeded in this climb in 8b (French scale) and E9-7a (English scale).

Around Montegallo there are several attractions interesting thousands of tourists from all over the world. We are talking about the indescribable beauty of the Blooming Lentils of Castelluccio di Norcia (20 minutes), the suggestive Lake Pilato (start of the path 20 minutes), the mythological Monte Sibilla with its millenary legends (30 minutes start of the path), the fascinating Gorges of Infernaccio and the Hermitage of San Leonardo (30 minutes start of the path) and many many others.


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